ownbrown Blogger Dinner, London

During ownbrown’s founder, Nadine Njoko Peisker's visit to London, she entertained a lovely group of women who celebrate their #ownbrown flawlessly. This gave Nadine the great opportunity to meet all of the fantastic women who have been a part of ownbrown's growth in the UK. The evening was full of laughter, sisterhood and wonderful food for thought. 

We were accompanied at the Hoxton Hotel, Bar and Grill in the heart of Shoredict (East London) by an array of talented and passionate UK based bloggers. 

We began with glasses of bubbly in the Central Pantry, which gave both Nadine and the Nuanced Studio team the chance to formally introduce themselves in person. 

We headed into the cosy Dining Room for an intimate sit-down meal and engaged in interesting conversations with the ladies. 

Attendees: Yinka Bokinni, Maryam Shofowora, Eni Maj, Chi Liv Iwunze, Kristabel Plummer, Taiwo Soneka, Rachel Sealy, Bekke Popoola (Black British Girlhood), Temitayo Ayorinde and Nina Mdwaba.

Hosts: Nadine Njoko Peisker (ownbrown), Natalie Nzeyimana and Chauntelle Lewis (nuanced studio). 

Photographer: Gabriel Peisker (erdmannpeisker).








Chauntelle Lewis