The tights are silky and smooth and thick enough to make you warm. ~Eni, Yemoya, M

Model Eni Maj, who writes at, shared a review of ownbrown tights. Eni wears Yemoya in size M.

I am wearing Yemoya in a size Medium, and I found that it was a perfect match for my tone! 
The tights are silky and smooth and are thick enough to make you warm – but also leave space to breathe. They’re perfect for this mild yet NotHotEnoughForBareLegsYet weather! They also don’t rip – and if you have seen me recently or read about my recent nail care regimes you will know that my nails seem to be getting longer and longer. And the struggle of putting on tights with long nails is real. But I didn’t find that to be a problem with OwnBrown.

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