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ownbrown is designed to be close to you. We care about high quality, easy to wear tights and lingerie that give you the license to be carefree and beautiful. Tone-matched to perfection so your own brown radiates.


We've spent the last year working with hosiery R&D experts to bring you the highest quality nude tights for women of colour.

Developed by the minds who brought you Fogal and Wolford, ownbrown hosiery is affordable luxury, a high-quality wardrobe staple made in Italy. Our lingerie is made in Portugal.

Whether you're in the office or on the road, our 20 denier satin-touch tights are elegant and strong: they won't let you down.


From London to Lagos, women all over the world embrace their own brown. Let your own style take centre stage with truly nude tights.

Staying Close To You.



For our press kit, email: info@ownbrown.com