Ownbrown x Taiwo Sonekan

When we first looked at the Taiwo SS 16 collection we saw clothes showcasing the kind of woman not afraid of revealing the little girl in her. We loved the idea of celebrating this part of ourselves. This side painted in pink that we cherish since childhood.

It could have been the end of the story but the idea behind Taiwo SONEKAN collection is much more powerful.

Taiwo's work talks in fact about the difficulty to feel beautiful when you get old. The conception of beauty is here questioned. The statement beautiful and young is printed on Taiwo's clothes but is it the unique reality? Or can wrinkles bring something beautiful too? Does a mature woman feel really beautiful?

Because Ownbrown is dedicated to sublimate the legs of every brown skin woman, no matter her age, we felt particularly concerned by these questions. For Ownbrown, self love is the key but it's a long life commitment. Ownbrown women are in love with the skin they are in whether they have wrinkles or not.