We give back

Empowering brown skin girls is promoting excellence!

In 2009, a German naturalist Prof. G.Bringmann and his Congolese colleague Prof. V. Mudogo founded the non-governmental organization BEBUC, which stands for “Bourse d’Excellence Bringmann aux Universités Congolaises”. This NGO gives scholarships to deserving students and financially support excellent young students from the DRC. Excellence is promoted by strengthening skills and providing strong mentorship.

Since 2012, the fUNIKIN (Förderverein Uni Kinshasa) enlarged its fields of intervention and included new primary and secondary schools in addition to universities initially targeted. The aim being to increase chances to have excellent students by letting children learn to cultivate excellence even at their young age. BEBUC scholarship system is institutionally linked to 12 primary and high schools.

Gender is taken into account. Girls are encouraged to apply for the scholarship, and the top ones are selected. This ensures BEBUC girls are able and willing to promote excellence.

Since 2009 we have privately supported BEBUC activities. Now we think that Ownbrown is mature enough to join this journey. Ownbrown wants to make a donation twice a year. Women’s day is the perfect occasion to start.

With $60 - $40 we can contribute to school fees of a girl. In addition, on Thursday 8 March 2018, 50% of the price of your purchase will go to BEBUC.