Ownbrown x Sephora

May 11th, 2019: Ownbrown and Sephora will jointly celebrate brown skin beauty.


To celebrate dark and mixed skin, Ownbrown is organising a competition in Switzerland on 11 May 2019 in collaboration with Sephora Switzerland. Participants will have the chance to win a set of Ownbrown skin-coloured lingerie. From 2pm to 6pm, they will also get free make-up from Nars Cosmetics, at Hôtel Richemont, Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10, 1201 Genève, 10 am - 10pm. 200 samples of Nars and Sephora products will be distributed as well.

The collaboration between Ownbrown and Sephora wishes to promote the beauty of brown-skinned women, as well as highlight corresponding products which are available in Switzerland.

At a time when diversity must be present at all levels and women want to be valued for each of their characteristics, we are happy to be the first in Switzerland to make the link between skin-coloured lingerie and cosmetics.

It is estimated that more than 90,000 women of African and Sri Lankan descent live in Switzerland. Like so many women around the world, they have enthusiastically contributed to the evolution of the representation of female beauty in the fashion and cosmetics industry. Today, beauty is multiple and inclusive.