ownbrown invites women of colour to proudly show off their world.

Dolly at ethnikculture.com wrote about Nadine, the founder of ownbrown.

Explaining what made her start ownbrown, Congolese native Nadine Peisker says: "I experienced one of those beautiful moments in life when you feel like you are a perfect reflection of who you really are. I felt close to everything that makes me the person I am. It was a perfect day. I wanted my style to reflect what matters to me too. It was the perfect moment for me to rediscover my wardrobe, to embrace colors, to try on that green dress again.

"But the reflection I saw in the mirror wasn’t me. I felt very confident that day, and I had expected that the shiny brown of my legs would play with the vibrant green of my dress in the mirror. But, sadly the tights I was wearing that day were designed for someone else. As many Afro-Caribbean women, I started looking for tights close to my own brown, the brown of my origins, of my story. I couldn't help feeling disappointed by this quest so I decided to develop tights for women of color.

"With ownbrown I want to bring to light how very beautiful and diverse brown skin women are. ownbrown invites women of color to proudly show off their world."

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