Outstanding quality (and very affordable). ~Dolly, Kimya, M

Dolly K is a model and style writer at ethnikculture.com. She rocks her ownbrown wearing our Kimya shade with a cute thrifted polka dot dress. 

Hello lovelies! Finding the right pair of tights to match your skin tone, especially for women of color, is a big hustle. Luckily, brands like Ownbrown have made it their mission to develop outstanding quality (and very affordable) tights and knee-highs for brown skin women.

So the weather has been super gorgeous here in LA and I took advantage with this thrifted dress. Have been itching to wear it for a while now, and since it is a little bit on the shorter side for me, the Ownbrown tights were a perfect "cover up" lol This navy blue dress with all of the purple-ish overlay makes it easy to pair with a lot of colors. For this look, I opted for tan accessories but white, red, pink, purple, silver would have worked just as well.

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